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Incubation Center


Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of explosive growth. Angel investors, venture capital, media, startup clubs, service providers, mentors and training companies are going to grow. And one important cog in the wheel is the incubator – the place where startups are born. When a baby is born, he/she is kept in the incubator for first few hours and maybe days – this gives them a chance to adjust to outside environment, and grow stronger before they face the outside world ! In a similar way, a startup is incubated in Incubation Center, which gives them a chance to bring their business in shape, before they reach out to the world.

PRIW, one of the most forwarding thinking and innovative educational institutions, is proud to start an incubation center to enable its students get first hand experience in entrepreneurship, promote innovation driven activities at the institute and provide comprehensive and integrated range of support including space, mentoring, training programs, networking and an array of other benefits. Just as one cannot imagine a college today without a library or a place for physical activity, we believe that an incubation center is equally essential in today’s competitive and fast changing world. Through the incubation center, students gain hands-on experience in innovation and entrepreneurship while being nurtured and encouraged by faculty, management and industry experts.


Incubation Centre is a space for new age entrepreneurs and young minds to transform their innovative ideas into viable business propositions.


  • To  nurture and empower the next generation entrepreneurs to serve the local problems.
  • To facilitate a platform for a budding entrepreneur to start a business venture with minimum risks. Incubation will ensure that incubates have access to technological assistance which will be generated through mentors with multidisciplinary expertise.
  • The students, alumni of PRIW, local industries and also students of the KHAMMAM district can come up with their ideas which might lead to the start-up.


  • To create jobs, wealth and business aligning with national priorities
  • To promote new technology/knowledge/innovation based startups.
  • To provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed by the host institution or by any academic/technical/R&D institution
  • To build a vibrant startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institution, industries and other institutions.
  • To provide cost effective, value added services to startups like mentoring, legal, technical, intellectual property related services.